11 September 2017

Kazakhstan harvested almost 10.5 mln tonnes of grains

As of September 6, Kazakhstan harvested 10.493 mln tonnes of grain crops throughout the areas of 8.263 mln ha, or 54.4% of the plan. The average yield totaled 1.27 t/ha, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In particular, Akmola oblast harvested 2.2 mln tonnes of grains throughout 51.6% of the planned areas, with the average yield at 0.99 t/ha. Kostanay oblast harvested 2.65 mln tonnes of grains throughout 55.9% of the planned areas. Agrarians of North Kazakhstan oblast harvested 2.4 mln tonnes of new crop grains throughout 53.3% of the planned areas.

Source: https://www.apk-inform.com