20 September 2017

Kazakhstan shipping to China

Kazakhstan is looking to its east.

“Kazakhstan and China agreed on sanitary requirements for export of wheat bran and the parties discussed lifting restrictions and giving Kazakhstani agricultural products access to the Chinese market, agreeing to speed up the procedures for coordinating draft protocols of veterinary and sanitary requirements for 34 export items from Kazakhstan to China,” the attaché’s most recent annual report on the grains sector said.

“Moreover, industry sources note that China has created a special economic zone on the border where imports are not subject to a quota as long as the imports are further processed within the zone. On Feb. 5, 2017, a shipment of 720 tonnes of wheat arrived by rail to the Chinese logistics center Lyanguan, in the Tsyansu province of eastern China. This shipment will be further transshipped to Vietnam by boat. This shipment is marking the official opening of the transit corridor though China for Kazakhstani agricultural products.

“The transit route from Kazakhstan via China to Southeast Asia takes about 20 days, while wheat shipments from Australia to Southeast Asia take, on average, 30 days. At the same time, the Kazakhstani price for wheat is more competitive than the Australian price.”

Source: http://www.world-grain.com