26 September 2017

In Astana WESSAR LLP presented a unique web-portal for agribusiness WExport.com

On September 12, a unique web-portal for agribusiness "WExport.com: Supply grain products worldwide" was presented in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The website www.wexport.com was officially launched at the end of 2016 by WESSAR LLP, and from that moment it is rapidly gaining popularity among suppliers, buyers of agro products and leading transport companies both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

As the main partner of WESSAR LLP Ulukbek Aliyev emphasized, the world is actively developing in the era of digital globalization, and nowadays it is necessary to enter the market of Internet technologies with a completely new innovative solution that will improve and streamline business process in the agrarian branch of the economy. After all, the agricultural sector is traditionally important for Kazakhstan. This is the largest scope of employment of the population and one of the main sources of economic diversification in the future.

Aidar Daukenov, CEO of WESSAR LLP, explained that the innovative portal WExport.com was the first Kazakhstan brand new and effective tool on the trade market, which transfers transactions for sale and transportation of grain products to the online mode of the global Internet. Having generated the first web portal for fast and reliable interaction of partners in agribusiness, WExport team creates all the conditions for the security of deals and gives a guarantee at all stages of concluding agreements.

"On site Wexport.com all business processes were integrated by implementing of innovative technologies. A simple procedure of closing deals was appreciated by new customers, the number of which increases day by day. Over 150 contracts with customers from Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Mongolia, China, as well as the CIS countries, have been successfully concluded on our portal. More than 10,000 tons of high-quality agro products are delivered on a weekly basis. User-friendly interface ensures fast and efficient sale of goods, "said Aidar Daukenov.

WExport Analytics as a qualitative market analysis enables not only to see the real situation, but also help to apply the necessary marketing tools for the promotion of goods or services, which means it will allow clients to increase profits and take the leading place on the market. The company will provide support at all stages of the business process: from sowing and growing products to accompanying it to the end user.

"Becoming our partner, you will have the opportunity to develop your business and be competitive, export products to the countries of the Middle East and far abroad. Without leaving home, you can send and receive quality agricultural products with a single click regardless of the location of the goods. In turn, we provide a safe, automated process for concluding deals, selling and supplying quality products in accordance with international standards, "said Aidar Daukenov.

According to the director of IT department of WESSAR LLP, Madi Sheriev, all the personal data remain confidential, immune to Internet scams and cyber-attacks due to modern encryption technologies and secure methods of data transmission.

"The data security is ensured in such a way that under any circumstances (natural disasters, failure of the file storage system, server shutdown) the system can always return to the point and restore all data. It is very important for our team to use only the latest, stable, reliable and sustainable web technologies, "explained Madi Sheriev.

He also stressed that the portal is user-friendly. The advantages of this service are minimum number of actions (clicks) for performing th necessary tasks, technical support of clients at all stages, the availability of interactive instructions and informative panels for using the personal account and menu sections, as well as access to your own transaction history, e-mail and push notifications. All these tools keep customers updated.

"Our platform is a CRM-system for agribusiness, which guarantees the security and confidentiality of transactions. This is done to prevent using insider information and conducting fraudulent operations, "said Madi Sheriev.

"Our goals are to enter international markets of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This direction will open a platform for Kazakhstani suppliers to scale their business in the CIS and the Middle East, "said Kamal Kalanov, the leading marketing specialist of WESSAR.

According to him, the portal system currently supports three languages: Kazakh, English and Russian. Emphasizing the flexibility of the interface, Kamal Kalanov informed that at any time the WExport team is ready to implement the Latin alphabet, and by the end of 2017 add the Ukrainian and Arabic languages, which will allow to establish interaction with customers from Ukraine, one of the leaders of exports grain products, as well as attract consumers from the Middle East.

"We set the task for the beta version of the portal to have about 50 users. But it is a pleasure for me to admit that the traffic of our site reaches 4000 visitors a month and more than 70 active users. By the end of the year, we plan to expand our geography and increase the number of online portal visits to 10,000 per month, among which there will be more than 200 active users, "Kamal Kalanov said.

But it is not enough for WExport. In the near future, one more innovative and no less ambitious Internet project for agro-market will be presented to wide attention.