21 December 2017

60% of Kazakh grain crop is of 3rd class

Over 22.1 MMT of grain (bunker weight) was harvested in Kazakhstan this year. Ag Vice Minister Nurzhan Altayev pointed out that roughly 60% of the crop is represented by 3rd class (3.1 MMT), 28% by 4th class (1.5 MMT) and 9% by 5th class (some 0.5 MMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

“The grain harvest is stored at 198 licensed grain-collecting stations and elevators, as well as at growers’ own warehouses. The total capacity of storage spaces available in the country is 26.6 MMT. Grain collecting stations account for 13.6 MMT. About 7.3 MMT of grain has been delivered to grain-collecting stations and elevators by now,” the Vice Minister added.

As a reminder, wheat plantings in Kazakhstan were reduced by 2 Ml ha from 2011 till 2016.


Source: http://www.blackseagrain.net