22 June 2017

A rail freight link between Romania and Italy, launched by Rail Cargo Operator

Rail Cargo Operator (member of Austrian Federal Railways – ÖBB) is continuing to expand its customer offer in Europe and beyond by launching a new return service between northern Italy and Romania, running three times each week. The intermodal rail connection between Verona and Arad was launched on June 19 and thus enables the connection of an intermodal corridor that has so far barely been linked.

The large flows of goods between the important Northern Italian industrial region and Romania are still predominantly transported by road. Yet it is precisely for these routes that intermodal transport offers huge potential, as the advantages of rail can be optimally used.

Rail Cargo Operator said the service offers an “attractive rail alternative” for all combined transport containers and can transport all container types, tanks, swap bodies and trailers, between the Interporto Quadrante Europa di Verona terminal and the Railport in Arad.

On the 1,109 km long route between Verona and Arad, the trains travel through five European countries – in a journey time of less than 40 hours.

Source: http://www.railwaypro.com