12 July 2017

JSC KTZ Express and Sinotrans Limited agreed on the running of regular container trains

The framework agreements on strategic cooperation were signed in Lanzhou (China) between KTZ Express (a subsidiary of JSC NC KTZ) and Sinotrans Limited and Lanzhou Pacific Logistics Co., Ltd.

The agreements are aimed at deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in the organization of the regular international container trains running from China to Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, Europe, Vietnam and in the reverse communication through the territory of Kazakhstan using the logistics infrastructure of the Altynkol station and the dry port of the SEZ "Khorgos - Eastern gates".

Vice-president of KTZ Express E. Kulakov notes that "carrying out transportation on these routes will contribute to increasing transit by attracting cargo from China to trans-Kazakhstan routes and strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation in the transport and logistics area".

Under the Agreements the parties agreed to attract cargo flows to / from Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran and Europe to / from the China with a gradual reorientation to the Altynkol border crossing.

The partners also considered issues of cooperation in the field of transportation of raw materials to / from the regions of Central Asia, Kazakhstan, including using the KTZ Express refrigerated container park, and the creation of consolidation and distribution centers.


Lanzhou Pacific Logistics Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of CRCT and Kerry Logistics. The company operates more than 50 container terminals in China. The LPL business network covers about 200 railway stations, and also provides door-to-door services between more than 100 cities in China.

Sinotrans Limited is a subsidiary of Sinotrans and CSC Holding Co., Ltd.

Sinotrans & CSC is a company that received the approval of the AAAAA standard from the China Logistics Standard Committee, which is considered the highest level in the PRC in integrated logistics business. Sinotrans & CSC has more than 100 foreign branches.

Source: http://www.railways.kz