18 July 2017

Kazakhstan: as of July 1, grain stocks totaled nearly 5 mln tonnes

As of July 1, 2017, the registered carry-over stocks of grains and pulses in Kazakhstan totaled 4.779 mln tonnes. In particular, peasant and farming households stored 521.14 thsd tonnes of grains, declared the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on July 14.

Wheat formed the major share of the general grain stocks – 4.177 mln tonnes, including 3.785 mln tonnes of milling wheat, 270.02 thsd tonnes of feed wheat, and 122.02 thsd tonnes of wheat for seeds.

Also, corn stocks totaled 34.35 thsd tonnes, rice – 64.83 thsd tonnes, barley – 322.49 thsd tonnes, rye – 11.89 thsd tonnes, oats – 74.75 thsd tonnes, buckwheat – 23.71 thsd tonnes, millet – 10.7 thsd tonnes, and mixture of spiked grain crops – 37.34 thsd tonnes.

Source: https://www.apk-inform.com