16 August 2017

The railway station "Nurly Zhol" served its first millionth passenger

The first millionth passenger was solemnly greeted at the new railway station complex "Nurly Zhol".

It is a resident of the city of Atyrau, pensioner Zhusupbek Shurin, who bought a happy ticket home to the train "Astana-Nurly Zhol-Atyrau".

The management of the station complex met the anniversary passenger and his family with gifts - a corporate cake with a picture of the station, the millionth passenger certificate and flowers.

"I did not expect such a meeting. Very nice and unexpected. Me with my wife Gulsara are former railway's workers. Now we are on a deserved rest. I drived locomotives for 29 years. We are going to our daughter's wedding," Zh. Shurin said.

According to Dinmukhamed Kusainov, the head of railway station "Nurly Zhol", the tradition of meeting millionth passenger at the new station will be continued.

"The station started work on the eve of the opening of EXPO. The first millionth passenger is a great event for us. Being the largest station in the country, all eyes are on us, today we meet and see off all the guests of the international exhibition, and this, of course, is a big responsibility, " D. Kusainov said.

It should be noted that since its opening on June 1, the railway station "Nurly Zhol" has accepted and sent more than 2.3 thousand passenger trains.

Source: http://www.railways.kz