23 August 2017

Kazakhstan a major flour exporter

Kazakhstan, although a landlocked country, has developed into one of the world’s leading flour exporters over the past 10 years.

“They are pretty efficient in terms of finding new markets and exporting,” Dmitri Rylko, general director of IKAR, the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies in Moscow, told World Grain. “They have converted their strategic disadvantage into a strategic advantage. The strategic disadvantage was that they were cut off from world markets, in the middle of Asia. They have turned it into a strategic advantage because they found these export markets for wheat and for flour in Central Asia. They export some volumes of wheat and flour to neighboring China.”

Like the other countries in the region, Kazakhstan is affected by a sometimes harsh continental climate, which can affect quality, while devaluation has meant that, according to the attaché, “seed, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery and spare parts imports are costly for farmers and have a significant impact on farming technologies and margins.”

Source: http://www.world-grain.com